Great Subs @ SUBMARINA - Hemet
The 87th Ramona Outdoor Play, The Official California Outdoor Play, will be held at the Ramona Bowl in Hemet April 17/18, April 24/25 and May 1, 2010.

The Ramona Play is based on the novel "Ramona" by Helen Hunt Jackson, published in 1884.  The play depicts the love story between Ramona and Alessandro and also provides a glimpse of the tragic history of Southern California's native people.

"Ramona" begins on a Mexican rancho in California of the 1850's and describes in detail the lives of the Mexican settlers as well as the lives of the local Indians.

The play surrounds the love story between Ramona and the Indian Alessandro and the serious consequences of that relationship.

I will not describe the play further as it would diminish your experience of the play in all its glory.  Needless to say the play will be worth you while. Check it out.

For more information about the Ramona Play, performance schedule and ticket prices please go to the Ramona Bowl  website.

4/24/2010 07:51:25 am

Ramona is a great play to see once.

Something to do inHemet


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