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The Press Enterprise had an interesting story last week about the Cabazon Water district.  Cabazon is located on the I-10 between Banning and Morongo casino. 

The story included a reference to a youtube video.  Even though it's not Hemet related it's still an interesting  look into our common past.  It shows how it was in Cabazon, and may have been in Hemet, a hundred years ago. 

The video describes the pioneer effort to get water, the digging of the San Jacinto tunnel through our local mountains, and other historical points of interest.

Check it out below.

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Hwy 74 to Mountain Center, Idyllwild and Lake Hemet is open. 

Today I was able to drive to Scranton Station on Hwy 74 from Valle Vista.

Nice pleasant drive, low traffic, nice and warm.

I recommend the drive to Lake Hemet - after our recent rains the lake level should be much higher than it has been in years.

Lake Hemet and Idyllwild should be coming into their green periods.

Idyllwild should be covered in snow.

For a grerat snow experience check out Humber Park in Idyllwild.

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The California Highway Patrol's San Gorgonio Pass office reports that since November 2009, 16 people have died in 14 collisions in their area of responsibility.

Eight of the fatalities occurred on two roads - Gilman Springs (also known as Gilman Hot Springs)between Moreno Valley/San Jacinto/Hemet and Hwy 79 between San Jacinto and Beaumont.

For the next several months the CHP will increase speed enforcement patrols on these two roads.

Watch your speed, and drive safely.
During our recent rains a portion of Hwy 74 to Mountain Center and Idyllwild was washed out.
Currently the road between Valle Vista and Mountain Center is closed in both directions until further notice.

Caltrans has stated that a $1 million repair contract has been awarded to Skanska.  Skanska indicates that if they clean out and reuse an existing concrete box under the road the repair will take 4-5 days.  If, however, the box cannot be reused the repairs will take one to two weeks.

If you are heading up to Lake Hemet, Idyllwild or Anza plan to take an alternate route either through Banning, Sage, Palm Springs or Temecula.

The easiest routes up the hill from Hemet are through Banning or Sage.

One evening a grandson and his grandfather were talking.  "How old are you Grandpa," asked the grandson, "and what was it like when you were growing up?"

The grandfather reminisced:
 "Well, let me think a minute..."   

I was born before:
1. television
2. penicillin
3. polio shots
4. frozen foods
5. xerox
6. contact lenses
7. frisbees, and
8. the pill

There were no:
1. credit cards
2. laser beams, or
3. ball point pens

Man had not invented:
1. pantyhose
2. air conditioners
3. dishwashers
4. clothes dryers (clothes were hung in the dry fresh air), and
5. man had not walked on the moon

Your grandmother and I got married first.....and then lived together

Every family had a father and mother

Until I was 25 I called every man older than me "Sir,"
and after I turned 25, I still called policemen and every man with a title "Sir"

We were before gay rights, computer dating, dual careers, daycare centers and group therapy

Our lives were governed by the Ten Commandments, good judgement and common sense

We were taught to know the difference between right and wrong and to stand up and take responsibility for our actions

Serving your country was a privilege and living in this country was a bigger privilige

We thought fast food was what people ate during Lent

Having a meaningful relationship meant getting along with your cousins

Draft dodgers were those who closed front doors as the evening breeze started

Time sharing meant time the family spent together in the evenings and weekends
(not purchasing condominiums)

We never heard of FM radios, tape decks, CDs, electric typewriters, yogurt or guys wearing earrings

We listened to Big Bands, Jack Benny and the President's speeches on our radios

I don't remember any kid blowing his brains out listening to Tommy Dorsey

If you saw anything with "Made in Japan" on it, it was junk

The term "making out" referred to how you did on your school exam

Pizza Hut, McDonald's and instant coffee were unheard of

We had 5 & 10 cent stores where you could actually buy things for 5 & 10 cents

Ice cream cones, phone calls, streetcar rides and Pepsi were all a nickel

If you didn't want to splurge, you could spend your nickel on enough stamps to mail one letter and two postcards

You could buy a new Chevy coupe for $600...but who could afford one?

Too bad, because gas was 11 cents a gallon

In my day:
1. "grass" was mowed
2. "coke" was a cold drink
3. "pot" was something your mother cooked in
4. "rock music" was your grandmother's lullaby
5. "aids" were helpers in the principal's office
5. "chip" meant a piece of wood
6. "hardware" was found in the hardware store, and
7. "software" wasn't even a word

And... we were the last generation to actually believe that a lady needed a husband to have a baby.

No wonder people call us "old and confused" and say there is a generation gap...

"Grandson, how old do you think I really am?"

I bet you, the reader, have this old decrepit man in mind... your'e in for a shock!


"Grandson, ..........I am 59 years old today!"

As you may recall, last week I wrote about our local Hemet girl, Michelle Enyeart, being drafted by the LA Sol soccer club.

Last week the LA Times reported that the LA Sol was shut down by the Women's Professional Soccer organization.

The question is, what will Michelle do now?  If you have an idea please leave us a comment.

All of us at Submarina wish Michelle a very prosperous and succesfull year.

Way to go Michelle!

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