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Why green on St. Patrick's Day?

It all goes back to St. Patrick, a British youth held captive in Ireland, who escaped captivity and later returned as a bishop to Ireland to convert the Irish to Catholicism.

The color green is a represantation of catholicism and celebrates St. Patrick and his missionary work in Ireland.

St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity in his missionary work with the Irish, another tie in to the wearin' of the green on St. Patrick's Day.

Why pinch a person who is not wearing green?

This pinching practice started in the 1700's in Boston.  The only way not to be pinched was to know that  leprechauns cannot see the color green. 

Wearing  green meant they could not see and pinch you.  Being pinched on St. Patrick's day was meant to serve as a warning and reminder about leprechauns. 

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Video:  The History of St. Patrick's Day

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Video:  Irish Songs for St. Patrick's Day

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