Great Subs @ SUBMARINA - Hemet

Quizno's is advertising a $4 sandwich, a dollar less than Subway's $5 promotion, I had to try it.  I ordered the $4 Italian sandwich which consisted of pepperoni, capicola, ham, mozzarella, chopped lettuce and tomato, red wine vinaigrette. 

Imagine my surprise when the server pulled out a breadstick for the sandwich, I asked "Is that it?" "Yes," he replied.

All the advertising I'd seen in print and TV showed a much larger sandwich than the actual sandwich size being sold.  The actual sandwich is a slim foot long bread stick.  

The meats and cheese were only half slices, the lettuce and tomato were chopped up and sprinkled together on the sandwich.  The taste - OK.

Sadly, this was a disappointment.  Compared to Subway's $5 footlong and SUBMARINA's $5.49 meal deal (six inch sub + chips + drink) this was a non-starter.

In my opinion this sandwich is not a $4 value, for a dollar more I can get a Subway footlong and for a $1.49 more a meal at SUBMARINA.

I rate this  Quizno's sandwich value at $2, although at $2 this would be a good deal. I wonder how many customers will order this sandwich again?

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