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Whenever you're giving a party, obviously,  you need to think about your guests and the amount of time you'll need to  spend in the kitchen. If you don't want to stand there and cook for different tastes a sandwich platter may come

It is easy to prepare, serves as many as you want and there is little difference between making food for meat eaters and vegetarians.

Throwing a party requires very thorough preparation. Even if you are paying attention to every little deatail there will be things that you'll overlook or miss.  You can easily save some time by preparing  sandwiches.

There are as many different sandwich recipes as there are people, but there are a few main types that you should consider. 

For a sandwich platter you need to make simple sandwiches. Open face, or single sided sandwiches are the easiest to make. You can use pepperoni, cheese, avocado, butter spread and pepper or just about anything you happen to have at home. There is one thing you can't do with your sandwiches and that is use old bread.

Use fresh and soft bread every time you set out to make food like this, as it can take anything but stiff bread. Triangles are also very easy to make and easy  to put on a neatly ordered platter. All you have to do is use square shaped  bread make the sandwich, cut the crust and halve the product diagonally. You can  put them on one of their shorter edges stacking many sandwiches
horizontally.  They will not fall over because they support each other.

There are many successful recipes online but there are always services to help you out. One of these catering services is Subway, another is Hemet's Submarina.  To feed 10-12 people you may expect to pay about $40+ on assorted sandwiches. A giant 3 foot long sub that feeds about the same number of people can be had for the same amount.

You can either spend $40 on a whole sandwich platter or ten bucks less on the materials and do everything for yourself. I much prefer the second option as it allows for more creativity and many more different types of sandwiches to pile on the plates.
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