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By Nishanth and Neelima Reddy

Savor the strange taste of heaven

Tasty food, fantastic and easy recipes, spices, salads, puddings, if these are the words that revolve around your head most of the times then congratulations, you very much happily suffer from food craze which is not at all bad. One of the significant symptoms of this disease is a constant urge to look out for unusual and strange recipes that you can make to impress yourself and the crowd around you. If you have this symptom then you do not have to search and look out for more because here is the list of top 10 most unusual and strange recipes around the world.

1. The Wild Green sauce

Wilderness must have appealed to you a lot of times. You might have been engrossed a lot of times in its wild beauty. However, this wilderness will now appeal your savory tongue with this awesome recipe of wild green sauce. As the name suggests, the main ingredients of this sauce come right from the wild. This sauce contains finely cut and chopped dandelion leaves, chives, sorrel, lambs quarter, shallot and nasturtium leaves. This sauce owes its great taste to cottage cheese, plain yoghurt, white vinegar and pepper.

2. The Tomato Bread

You must have come across innumerable types of breads like garlic bread, brown bread, milk bread, fruit bread and so on but you might not have heard about the tomato bread. This bread retains the tangy flavor of tomato and deeply reminds you of your favorite tomato soup that you had always ordered first in the starters. Besides tomato, you can also savor the excellent taste of cloves, butter and brown sugar.

3. The Coffee Jelly

Often you might have entered the kitchen to make jelly for your little kid so that he can show off to his friends that his mom is so cool. You might have cooked orange, strawberry, mango or black current jellies but never tried a hand on the coffee jelly. This unusual recipe allows your child to have his/her first taste of coffee without any side effects. Moreover this jelly just tastes like those coffee toffees that you used to love when you yourself were a kid. This recipe makes use of both freezing and absolutely hot coffee along with vanilla essence to enhance the flavor. In case you plan to show your cooking expertise in your friend circle then you can as well add whiskey instead of vanilla essence to the jelly to enjoy this unusual recipe to the core.

4. The Spice Cake

If you are tired of eating the most usual flavors of cakes like vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, pineapple, strawberry, black current, black forest, and so on so forth then the so called "spice cake" is the one for you to try on. As the name suggests, this cake is made of three spices namely cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. One should take utter care while using nutmeg and use it in restricted quantities.

5. Bloody Leroy Mix

Absolutely true to its name, this recipe is totally unusual and strange because it has a unique combination of tomatoes and black coffee. This recipe also contains whiskey, butter, brown sugar, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, beer, fruit juice, lemon juice, peppers, onion, olives, liquid smoke, molasses, oregano, garlic cloves, basil and salt. Just like its name, this recipe can be prepared by just mixing certain proportions of all these ingredients together and serving hot or cold depending upon your own liking.

6. Swamp Water Punch

Unlike its name, this recipe does not contain any kind of swamp water as it claims to be. However, if you want to show your cooking expertise and surprise or shock your guests with your unusual menu then this recipe should be placed right on the top. This recipe is very easy to make because it contains ginger ale, and blue food color to get the dramatic appearance of swamp water. If your party consists of little kids who cannot handle alcohol then you can replace ginger ale with orange juice and serve it cold. If you add an artificial hand then this recipe would be an instant hit during Halloween for the kids.

7. Chickpea and Lime cake

If you wish to eat a cake with the tangiest flavor and full of nutrients then the chickpea and lime cake is the best one for you. As the name suggests, this cake is majorly made up of canned chickpeas and lime juice. Generally brown sugar or plain white sugar is used in most of the cakes; however, this cake utilizes fructose to sweeten it. For this reason, this cake is an exciting food option for sweet toothed diabetics and also for those people who are strictly dieting. The poppy seeds are also added to enhance the flavor of this fantastic recipe.

8. Corn Ice cream

For all the lovers, this particular ice cream would definitely come as a surprise. You might have had loads of vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, black current, strawberry, and all such ice creams; however, corn ice cream is definitely an unusual recipe for it contains none of the essences. This ice cream is natural at its best and is absolutely the best for people who are allergic to food colors, flavors and additives. This lipsmackingly tasty ice cream is made simply by crushing the corn and then mixing it with the usual ice cream ingredients.

9. Jaljeera ice cream

This unusual and strange recipe is of the Indian origin. As the name suggests, this ice cream is made from jaljeera, a powder that is made up from the mixture of Indian chaat masala, dried mint leaves, salt and pepper. Jaljeera ice cream is made up of just jaljeera powder and water and nothing more. This ice cream is natural at its best. There is no kind of added flavor, thickeners, colors or additives to it. Hence, this ice cream is perfectly safe for people who are sensitive to artificial food items. Unlike other ice creams that taste just sweet, this ice cream tastes awesomely tangy, spicy, sweet and sour. This ice cream gives your tongue a chance to savor almost all kinds of flavors at once.

10. Chocolate Pakora

Yet another recipe from the Indian origin, pakoras are essentially made of chickpea dough that is mixed with other spices like chilli powder, pepper, the Indian chaat masala. Generally the pakoras are made by dipping pieces of vegetables like capsicum, eggplant, potato, onion, tomato, radish, mushroom and fruits like banana, pineapple, and so on so forth in the spicy dough and then frying them in oil. However, in this strange and unusual recipe, pieces of chocolate are dipped in the spicy dough and then fried in the oil. What you get as a result is the mouth watering taste of both spicy and sweet flavors that is truly heavenly.

The spicy fried chickpea dough literally gives you a spicy taste in the beginning and when you bite through the rest of the pakora the chocolate pieces simply melt in your mouth and mix with the lingering spicy taste making the whole eating experience simply awesome beyond words. Food is something that should be eaten while savoring every bite and every sip that enters in your mouth, only then it is worth while.

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