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By Nick Messe

The sandwich has become one of the food staples that keeps us going. In fact there are places to get great sandwiches and subs all over the world. Places like Bob's Pantry in Highland Park and Ravinia Illinois - a famous Ravinia Deli.

Sandwiches have been around for hundreds of years. Today a typical sandwich consists of two pieces of bread with filler in between, but early sandwiches were not always like this. The modern sandwich owes a lot to what we now usually call a "wrap". For example, for centuries there has been a Jewish food preparation consisting of Paschal lamb wrapped between two pieces of flat unleavened bread eaten during Passover.

But the open-faced sandwich has an interesting history too. Before the 1800's slices of stale bread were used by taverns instead of plates. They would place these slabs of bread - known as trenchers - on the tables and meat or other food would be placed on top of them, and the bread would sop up the juices from the meal. At the end of the meal the trencher would either be eaten or thrown to the ever-present dogs.

The word "sandwich" began to be used in the mid to late 1700s because the 4th Earl of Sandwich liked to eat his food in a manner that allowed him to carry on with other activities. More often than not this consisted of meat between two pieces of bread. This allowed him to continue working at his desk or playing cribbage with his friends without getting his hands greasy by having to handle meat directly.

The term "sandwich" eventually caught on in London because others who noticed this practice started asking for "the same as Sandwich". Eventually the name caught on to describe what we now call a "finger food" that could be eaten with the hands without causing a mess.

By the 1800's a sandwich usually meant a piece or several pieces of cold meat slapped in between two pieces of bread. Today there are many varieties of sandwiches, and many businesses that have profited from just selling sandwiches.

Today's sandwiches have grown from being just meat in between bread. Now we have a much broader range of sandwiches of different kinds - from fast food hamburgers to submarines and Italian sandwiches. These different varieties usually substitute a special bun for the classic two slices of bread. We now also add many different kinds of condiments and toppings to them. The most common condiments include lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, pickles, mustard, relish, ketchup and many more. These are just a very few of what is out there to use to create your own masterpiece.

There are hundreds of different types of meats and sandwich fillers that one can build a sandwich around. When you walk into a carry out restaurant or deli store you order exactly what you want on that sandwich. Some restaurants have even created hot versions of sandwiches. These are much tastier than ones in the 1800's.

There are many different types of breads available too. The same sandwich can become a completely different creation depending on the bread that is used. That makes what used to be the common sandwich into a more exotic, more nutritious, and more tasty alternative to heavier fare. making lunches and dinners easier to do at a much more rapid pace. Sandwiches are a quick fix to supper and can accommodate even the busiest of schedules.

So as one can see, sandwiches have gone from the simple bread and meat variety into a nutritious food with a thousand variations. Each one is created to suit an individual's needs and tastes and they are perfect for the rushed pace that many people live their lives at. Since sandwiches are so readily available and can be made to order, they have become a staple in our busy lives.

These days having a sandwich doesn't mean sitting at a smokey tavern sopping up juices with bread. It means having one of a thousand different varieties of what has become the perfect food for busy people on the go.

For an outstanding sandwich or sub visit Bob's Pantry and Deli - the best Highland Park Deli you're going to find - deli sandwiches, Italian subs, garden and Caesar salads, gourmet coffee. For delivery call 847-432-DELI.

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