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In recent conversations with restaurant marketing leadership, I heard mostly familiar themes when discussing their marketing strategies.

There are those smaller concepts that have found some success with a "Name your own price" promotion and other unique efforts to drive sales that have received quite a bit of media attention.

But the majority of restaurant people I spoke to were sticking with more traditional strategies, with the occasional "toe in the water" when it comes to attempting less tried-and-true methods of increasing market share.

Most common among the marketing strategies some restaurant leadership shared  with me is discounting or limited-time-only promotions.

Jean Smoke, Director of  Marketing for the 550%2B unit TacoTime concept, told me her concept has a "limited time addition to their World Famous line of Crisp Burritos, a Crisp Pork Burrito at a discounted price of $1.99." They've found this offering is bringing in their current Crisp Burrito fans as well as new customers for an  exciting new item.

Frank Day, Chairman and President of RockBottom Restaurant and Brewery, said his concept has "built traffic and created some excitement with consumers by running a variety of promotional specials, some supported by media but mostly promoted within the four walls of his restaurants".

Marc Geman, President and CEO of Spicy Pickle, a 40%2B unit deli and sandwich concept, said his brand will be, "rolling out a Picklenomics menu that will offer a build your  own section as well as half sandwiches with soup or salad, a drink and chips  that will combine their high quality product with favorable pricing."

Along similar lines of marketing by discounting, Pops for Champagne in Chicago, is offering a Low Fare Promotion. "From 3-7pm weekdays, guests receive 37% off any food item ordered.", Tom Verhey, owner of the nation's longest running champagne bar shared with me.

Dan Beem, President of Cold Stone Creamery, was pleased with the results his concept had when they brought their new ice cream cupcakes to market at an introductory price point. "The response  was so great that our stores were hardly able to keep the cupcakes on the shelves and our sales spiked as a result."

Paul Damico, President of the Tex-Mex concept, Moe's Southwest Grill, said the goal of their $4.99 Joey Jr. Bundle was  two-fold. "First, we wanted to offer our guests a right-sized portion. Second,  we wanted to give our guests a meal option under $5. This strategy was a success  and we plan to continue expanding our menu in a similar fashion during these  hard economic times."

In response to Subway's $5 promotion, Jeff Warfield,  Chairman, President, and CEO of Submarina, a California based deli concept, has  rolled out a $5 value meal that includes 6 inch sub, soda and chips. "Our 6-inch  sub has as much meat as a Subway 12-inch, and we use fresh-made bread.", claimed  Warfield.

Fewer restaurant concepts had much to share with me in the way of marketing  strategies beyond offering discount pricing and limited time promotions. One avenue some did touch on was improving their online presence.

TacoTime recently revamped their website to offer more interactivity to their customer base. They have some online promotions coming soon, including a "look-alike" contest. They and Cold Stone Creamery are also looking into building their online presence through ever increasingly popular social marketing methods such as Facebook and Twitter.

Josh Richman, CEO of Happi House, said, "Our most targeted strategy is the establishment of an email club for our guests. Each new address collected online or at the restaurant gets a free meal for joining, a free offer on their birthday, and monthly promotional messages." Happi House is able to track message views, printed redemptions, which offers are most successful, and who  their most loyal members are.

Other restaurant concepts are focusing on staying relevant to their customer  base. For example, Submarina and Spicy Pickle both are marketing the healthy aspects of their menu offerings, not only the nutritional information, but the absence of enzyme/preservative/filler content in their ingredients.

Pops for Champagne is appealing to the generosity of their guests with their Toast on Tuesday Promotion. Guests are encouraged to find something to celebrate and  visit Pops to toast that with specially priced glasses of champagne. Pops will donate $1 from each glass to the Chicago Job Council, an organization that helps people living in poverty find career opportunities.

According to Megan Winters, Marketing Manager of Port City Java of North Carolina, they are "making environmental, economic, and social differences through its Fairganic coffees."  In response to the increasing receptivity to "green" efforts, Port City Java uses only organic beans cultivated in a way that has low environmental impact.

While most restaurant concepts have made some type of marketing strategy adjustment in response to the market, there are a few I spoke with who feel they are positioned in such a way that they are simply going to continue to do what they currently do. Jeffery Bank, CEO of the New York based Alicart Restaurant Group, had this to say of one of their concepts, "Carmine's has been around for over 19 years and is the original Italian family style concept. It is extremely value driven...It is a perfect brand in this economy and that is why our sales are up, not down." In this case, "if it's not broken, don't fix it" seems to be working.

While there are variations on the theme, there's no doubt that current conditions call for restaurant concepts to make sure their marketing strategies are effective and sustainable until the market improves.

Brian Bruce, author of multiple articles published on many websites and several industry trade publications, has been cited in multiple news stories as an authority in Executive Restaurant Recruiting. He's an Executive Restaurant Recruiter with Premier Solutions in Oklahoma City and Blogger. He can be reached at 877-948-4001   email at, or on his blog at

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We, at Submarina,  make your sub sandwiches with fresh, daily baked bread. We create your tasty sandwich right in front of you. You choose what meats, cheeses & veggies you want, etc.
We do your sub sandwich the right way - the way you want it!  The way you love it! 

3220 W. Florida Ave. 
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(951) 925-1400

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We do sub sandwiches right. A full sandwich menu available - eat in or to go. Catering for graduations, birthdays, sporting events, etc. - anything you want.

  The first two Submarina restaurants opened in San Diego County, California, Poway(1977) and Escondido two years later.  Today, there are over 75 Submarina restaurants in five states.

Submarina creates hearty sandwiches made from quality ingredients.  The generous helpings of meat and cheese are sliced in front of the customer, ensuring freshness.  All breads are made from scratch by a baker and delivered to the stores seven days a week.

Submarina provides a varied tasty
menu able to satisfy all tastes, requests and cravings.
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To place an order please call Submarina Hemet (951) 925-1400       

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This fan seems to be the standard throughout the Submarina California Subs chain.

S U B M A R I N A - Hemet

3220 W. Florida Ave. 
Hemet, CA  92545
(951) 925 - 1400

Mon - Sat       9am - 8pm
Sun       9am - 6pm

We are located on the corner of Florida Ave. & Sanderson Ave.
Stater Bros Shopping Center behind Coco's 
next to Cartridge World

by Robert Livesay

People use many excuses as to why they are not eating healthy foods. One of the most common excuses is they have no time to worry about choosing the best foods and cooking them for themselves and their families.

These people usually grab fast food or take-out instead of healthier foods, and these quick dinner fixes are full of bad fats and cholesterol, sugar, and empty calories. However, no matter how little time you have to spend in the kitchen and at the supermarket, there are ways in which you can eat in a healthy way.

Learning how to eat healthily quickly can make all the difference in maintaining your diet. Eating healthy foods begins with healthy ingredients, but if you are short on time, you may find that spending time in the grocery store does not fit into your schedule.

To maximize your time, plan ahead for two weeks at a time. Instead of having to go to the store every time you need an ingredient, make a list and keep your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry stocked with good, healthy ingredients.

You can make your shopping list during a meeting, while eating lunch, or while you are on the phone. A list will also help you cut back on compulsory buying, which is when we purchase a lot of the foods that are bad for us.

Along with planning your shopping list, plan your meals as well. If you find little time to cook during the week, you can try making a few healthy meals in advance on the weekend and than putting them in your freezer.

Before you go to work in the morning, simply stick the frozen dinner in the refrigerator to thaw and then pop into the oven to cook when you get home from work. This will help you avoid having to pick up fast food.

When you do find yourself in the need of a quick meal and want to order out, look for healthy options. Instead of choosing a burger and fries, for example, look at the chicken breast options.
Some fast food restaurants also have salads and fruit, but beware of dressings, which can have tons of fat and empty calories. Keep healthy drinks on hand at home instead of purchasing a soda as well.

Better yet, bypass the burger, pizza, and Mexican joints altogether and opt for a sandwich or sub shop instead, where you can choose a wheat bread and ask them to hold the mayonnaise.
Healthy eating on the run will never be easy. However, putting a tad bit more time into it is worth that extra effort, because you'll be living a healthier life in the end.

Using these tips will help you to quickly eat as healthily as possible. For more informative articles on this subject please visit here:
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Final SUBMARINA video, third of three.

See the Friar surf!

Cowabunga Dude!

"To the good folks at Hemet Submarina-

Thanks for your recognition of Memorial Day!  At 56, I'm a "boomer" and a member of the "Vietnam Generation".  My Dad was in the Army during World War II and was stationed at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.  I think the thought of all those gallant young men who died that terrible day bothered my Dad for the rest of his life.  He felt that the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, also, of course, unprovoked, were even a worse affront to our great nation.

Well, I love your sandwiches and am a regular anyway, so you can count on my continued patronage.  Just wanted you to know your salute to Memorial Day & what it stands for, is greatly appreciated."


Lois A. C

It all began with a commitment to quality, freshness and flavor...

The first SUBMARINA was founded in 1977 by two United States Postal Service workers - Les Warfield and Ron Vickers.  The partners and their wives, Lynn and Maureen, made the decision to leave the seasonally gray days of their Reno, Nevada hometown for the warmer San Diego, California climate.

Feeling San Diego lacked an excellent sub sandwich the couples joined forces and opened the first SUBMARINA restaurant in Poway, California.  As Warfield said, "We had no experience, no capital and by every rule of business we should have failed.  We didn't know an avocado from prosciutto, but we were willing to learn."  The first official franchise shop opened in 1988.

Les Warfield and Ron Vickers are still the down-to-earth guys they've always been.  The founders and their wives have recently retired, although they remain very interested in their 30-year-old concept.  They are the first to marvel at how the idea they had so many years ago, has done so well.  "I would attribute our success to product quality, a comfortable atmosphere and excellent customer service," says Vickers.