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You do not have to have a specialty panini sandwich maker to make great and authentic tasting panini grill sandwiches; you can make them on your outdoor gas or charcoal grill or indoors with your George Foreman grill or even on a griddle or in a skillet. The secret to making a great panini is a bit of pressure while cooking and your panini grill sandwich recipes.

A panini sandwich is made with the filling placed between the two slices of bread that is grilled very quickly and the sandwich is pressed together tightly while it is being cooked. This pressure causes the ingredients to meld into a more delicious combination and because this is all done with high heat, it also results in a crispier outside, too. And that is why panini are so popular, the combination of super flavorful and a bit of crunch in the crust. When you look for panini grill sandwich recipes, you'll find endless variations, but the best ones will consist of thinly sliced meat or fish, grated or thinly sliced cheese and everything will be as fresh as possible.

The bread is another important choice in selecting a panini grill sandwich recipe. The bread you use should be hearty, not light and airy. Ciabatta bread or focaccia are the traditional Italian choices, but any dense bread, especially an herbed bread, is a good choice. Make sure it is flat so that it grills evenly.

Your choices for fillings are as varied and interesting as you'd like them to be. When choosing meats you will want them to be precooked or cured as the grilling process is meant to heat the sandwich, not cook the fillings. Favorite meat choices include prosciutto, salami, roast beef, chicken, turkey or pastrami. Thinly sliced salmon is a wonderful choice, smoked makes a delicious sandwich and using last night's leftover grilled fish is sublime. The smoky flavor from grilling is tailor made for the flavor melding that panini are known for. Look for panini grill sandwich recipes that use the flavor melding to its fullest.

Most panini grill sandwich recipes will tell you to use a specialty panini grill. While it is nice to use the proper equipment to make these sandwiches, if you don't have one and can't get one, don't despair. You can make a panini sandwich on your outdoor grill; this is a great choice for adding flavor through a cooking method as well as ingredient choice. You can also use a two surface grill such as a George Foreman grill or even a skillet or griddle. If you have a waffle maker, that will work, too. The key is to make sure you preheat the surface well and apply pressure to the sandwich while cooking. If you are using a grill or skillet you can use a foil wrapped brick or a pie pan filled with rocks or sand, or you can just press the sandwich firmly with your spatula.

There are many options for panini grill sandwich recipes, but the simplest and the tastiest panini grill sandwich recipes are the ones you come up with yourself. Your family will appreciate the personal touch and you'll want to make them again and again.

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